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A1. Two Bamboo Spring Rolls (Chả giò) - $8.90

pork & prawn mince, carrot, wood ear mushroom, vermicelli & onion

A2. Vege Spring Rolls (Chả giò chay) - $8.00

tofu, carrot, cabbage, wood ear mushroom, corn kernel, vermicelli & onion.

A3. House Summer Rolls (Gỏi cuốn) - $8.90

Your choice of meat: Prawn, pork, chicken or beef

 rice noodle, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, mint & coriander.

A4. Vege Summer Rolls (Gỏi cuốn chay) - $8.00

Your choice: Fried tofu or avocado

rice noodle, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, mint & coriander.

A5. Vietnamese Grilled Pork skewers (Nem nướng) - $8.00

served with house-made peanut sauce

A6. Thai Fish Cakes (Thod man) - $8.00

Fish mince, spiced herbs, served with sweet chili sauce

A7. Thai Chicken Satay (Kay satay)- $8.90

served with house-made peanut sauce

A8. VN Lotus Rootlet Salad (Gỏi sen) - $8.90

Your choice: Prawns or Chicken

Carrot, coriander, onion, toasted peanut, fried shallot, served with rice crackers

A9. Chicken Curry Puffs- $8.90/ 4pcs

potato, onion, served with sweet chili sauce.

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