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"Nuoc cham" - what is it?

If you come to Two Bamboo Restaurant, may catch the word "nuoc cham" on the menu. For you, as a non-Vietnamese, may confuse and wonder what it is.

"Nuoc cham" is literately translated "dipping sauce", in which the word "nuoc" mean a liquid or a sauce, "cham" means "dipping". In Vietnamese cuisine, it is used as a dressing as well.

Nuoc cham is made of a combination of three main ingredients: fish sauce, sugar and lemon juice. Beside that, water, chopped garlic and chopped chilli are added. That's it!

Sound easy, just three main ingredients, but not every Vietnamese can make it delicious, it needs a good balance among the ingredients to make it a great meal.

Nuoc cham play an important condiment for many Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, summer roll, grilled pork noodle salad... I say and many Vietnamese also say: the tastiness of the food based on "nuoc cham". With that reason, some people are not confident on making it when the food is made to share. Why? because you will make it or ruin it.

Name of the dish: Summer rolls with Nuoc cham, made and photo by Andy.

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